Lakeside Villa

Lakeside Villa


Pool Layout


The pool is an unusually large 30 foot by 16 foot and is fully heated for the winter months. It is 3 foot deep at the shallow end and 6 foot at the deep end. It has been installed for both swimming and also games with the children. As it is south facing the area is sun drenched all day and the spa can be heated separately for those who prefer just to sit in a nice warm tub.

The covered patio is a great place to sit and have any meal but breakfast is a real pleasure especially in summer when it is cooler and you sit and watch the wildlife in the lake. A variety of birds visit the area and like all lakes in Florida, there is the resident (small) alligator! The shading for the patio provides a respite from the hot sun for those who need it and there is an area set aside for BBQs - but not under the shade as it stains the covering. There are many chairs and beds to sit or lie in the sun and read those books that you have always wanted to read!

There is a safety fence that must be used by families with young children.